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"I would recommend Tay to anyone at any phase in their business!"

Tay is an endless wealth of knowledge and always has something to say to help you go ONE notch deeper every time you need to. I would recommend Tay to anyone at any phase in their business because I know she is THE GAL to take you where you want to go.

- Shalyn D. The Coaches Coach


Right now, you’re craving a way to...

  • Get leads and sales coming into your business automatically
  • Allow passive income to flow to you and you know a funnel is the way to do it
  • Create freedom rather than having to manually sell all the time just to make money
  • ​Let go of “high-ticket only” mentality and to build out a product suite that meets your ideal clients where they’re at
  • Move people through your offers on auto-pilot without having to constantly launch all the time
  • Create a strong foundation in your biz that is *actually* sustainable and scalable, (not just hoping that the sales keep coming in)

And deep down, you *know* it’s time to set up a sales funnel in your business..

Tell me which one sounds like you…


I sell digital offers or services online and have hit a wall with my business’ growth and I can’t seem to scale past it no matter what I do. I know I’ve got so much potential and have a lot of people to serve but I feel stuck, *help*.


I’m starting my business online and I want to make sure I do it right. I don’t want to throw stuff at the wall and hope it sticks, I want a proven process that means I’ve got leads and sales coming in from the get-go.

Whichever scenario is best describing you right now, a sales funnel is exactly what you need.

Because yes …

  •  There is a way to get leads and sales coming in constantly that doesn’t require sitting on the #launchtrain for the rest of your life
  • ​ There is a way to set up an automated system that serves your ideal client at all stages of their journey so you’re no longer leaving money on the table
  • There is a way to set things up ONCE so that it sells for you FOREVER (and you can do it in a way to do it that feels good, is in integrity and has no #spammyvibes)

Hey, I'm Taylor Rae

I’m one part sales funnel strategy, one part online marketing expertise, a sprinkle of woo, and a dash of high vibes.

I’m also the Creator of Sacred Funnels™ and it’s my mission in life to help female entrepreneurs the globe over, to set up sales funnels that serve them, as they serve the world.

Every day I get to help women (just like you) who have big gifts to share, to set up systems, automations and sales funnels that scale their impact and their income, all while giving them the freedom they set out to create for themselves in the first place.

Now before you tell me you don’t like the idea of sales funnels, I’m gonna stop you right there.

In my world, sales funnels are sacred. Hence, Sacred Funnels™, you feel me?

And I want you to realise that when you set them up right, you are being of the highest service for your audience, your business, and your family.

Afterall - you’re helping provide the solution your ideal client is looking for, and you’re welcoming abundance flowing to you in exchange.

I mean, what could be more in alignment than that?

Since setting up Sacred Funnels™ in my business, I’ve been able to:

  • Work less and call in more
  • Expand my team and give back to the online community by creating jobs
  • Serve more people than ever before, at all stages of their journey

And now I get to teach other women how to do the exact same thing, changing the world with the work we’re all doing #RippleEffect.

Introducing the solution you’ve been looking for…

The Sacred Funnel Vault™ 

the easy-to-follow bundle giving you everything you need to set up a sales funnel in your business online

On a scale of 1-10, Taylor is an absolute dime! She cares about your development personally and as a businesswoman and drives you to be your highest self energetically. I was fully supported by Taylor at all times. Her use of combining the "woo" with the work allowed me to grow on a spiritual and professional level that would not have happened if I hadn't invested in working with her!
- VP WRIGHT, Business Coach and DEI Educator

Here’s what’s inside:


Your Sales Funnel Roadmap

[$197 VALUE] Included

If you thought creating a sales funnel was messy, confusing and overwhelming AF, then the roadmap is your magic all-in-one solution guiding you through the entire process and helping you map yours out so your customers practically thank you for taking them through it. Follow this map like the Yellow Brick Road of Sales Funnels that it is.


Your Value Ladder Creation Planner

[$97 VALUE] Included

Worried you don’t have enough offers or services to put into your funnel? Think again. Using this planner you will map out everything you need to ascend someone from Ideal Client, to warm lead, to soulmate customer or client. We’ll map it out together and create a process that easily flows people from offer to offer.


Step-by-Step Sales Funnel Checklist

[$97 VALUE] Included

Building a sales funnel got you worried you're going to miss something out and that it's not going to work? Fear not, beauty! This checklist has got your back, making sure that whatever funnel you're building, you're ticking off the 16 most important things that every successful sales funnel needs. Hear that? It's your conversion numbers going up, just knowing you have this checklist.


50 Lead Magnet Ideas

[$97 VALUE] Included

Ever wanted to create a killer lead magnet or freebie opt-in, and you go to your brain for ideas and all you hear are crickets chirping and the sound of tumbleweeds rolling by? Yeah, not fun. But also not going to happen again once you get this 8-page guide walking you through the five types of Lead Magnets, and 50 different ideas to get those creative juices flowing! Fantastic freebie coming right up!


Kajabi Crash Course Masterclass

[$197 VALUE] Included

If you've ever had a question about creating, hosting or selling your digital products online, you can rest assured knowing this masterclass guides you through all of it. Breaking down the tech details, letting you in on industry secrets about how to create, what equipment to use, how to host and where to sell, this masterclass walks you through it all, including behind the scenes step-by-step tutorials for how to host your offers on Kajabi.


The Funnel Tech Library

[$97 VALUE] Included

Worried that you’re going to get started and then *gulp* not be able to handle the tech? Don’t worry gal, this library gives you access to my fast-action Airtable List of all the how-to videos you need for both Clickfunnels and Kajabi - the two platforms I've used to build a multiple-six figure business, meaning you're covered through the step up and even the most confusing of integration setup questions that may come up.

Wondering what it's like inside?

Take a look for yourself...

Grab the Ultimate Sales Funnel Bundle

 Your Sales Funnel Roadmap (Valued at $197)
 Your Value Ladder Creation Planner (Valued at $97)
 50 Lead Magnet Ideas (Valued at $97)
 Kajabi Crash Course Masterclass (Valued at $197)
 Canva Product Mockup Tutorial (Valued at $97)
  Step-by-Step Sales Funnel Checklist (Valued at $97)
 The Funnel Tech Library (Valued at $97)
 5 Must Know Funnel Secrets Masterclass (Valued at $197)
 Sacred Funnel Tools List (Valued at $197)

Total Value : $1273

Today’s Price: $37

And that’s not all..

Because I literally want you to be able to come out of this with everything you need to easily create your aligned and automated sales funnel, you’re also going to get access to these three wild bonuses....

Masterclass: 5 Secrets To A Successful Funnel


After years of teaching online business and sales funnels there are a few BIG secrets I've come across that can make or break a sales funnel. Inside this 60 minute masterclass I'm letting you in on five that you *must* know if you want your sales funnel to crush it online.

Canva Product Mockup Tutorial


Ever heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, in the online world, that’s definitely not what happens. Good design for product mock-ups demonstrating the value inside is vital, so learn how to design your product mock-ups with ease, *no photoshop required*.

Sacred Funnel Tools List


You want to know ALL the behind-the-scenes tools that the industry leaders are using? Done. You want to know the right platforms for payment processing, funnel building, course hosting, email marketing, project management, bookkeeping and more? Done. Yeah girl, I got you.

The truth is, I could easily charge $500, $600 or even $700 for everything that's inside this vault. 

Oh and did I tell you that once you’re inside you’ve got lifetime access?

That’s right, once you’re in - we’re besties for life gal and you can work through the content at your own pace (and come back to it anytime you want to set up a new funnel in your biz) 
But I want to make it actually easy for you to get started.
I know you might have had bad experiences with other coaches online.

I know you might have bought courses that over promised and under delivered.

I know you could just be getting started and don’t have a lot to invest just yet.

So I want to make the Sacred Funnel Vault™ an easy HECK YES for you.

So right now, you can get everything inside 

for just $37 USD

No, you’re not getting punked by Ashton.

This is the real deal (of the year maybe).

You can get all the tools inside the vault, plus the three bonuses guiding you through everything you need
to set up an aligned, automated and abundant sales funnel today

(for less than a boujee yoga class at your fave studio).. 

Total Value : $1273

Today’s Price: just $37

And if you’re not 100% satisfied, neither am I.

I get it, right now you might be thinking “Okay Tay, what’s the catch? This is too good to be true”

And I want to assure you there is no catch. In fact, I’m willing to prove its "catch-free-ness" by backing The Sacred Funnel Vault™ with my 14-day money back guarantee.

I know you can do this, and I’ve deliberately made this as accessible as possible so that I can serve far more people than the handful of private clients I take on a year, and that invest five figures to work with me.

So if you’re unhappy with the vault for any reason, let me know within 14 days of purchase by emailing hello@taylorrae.com.au and we’ll offer you a full refund, easy peasy.

Ask yourself this..

If all this did was:
  • Showed you how to set up a system that can nurture new leads and convert them into sales on autopilot
  • ​Helped you create freedom while scaling out your passive income
  • ​Got you off the launch train and meant that your business was working for you 24/7/365
  • ​Took the guesswork out of the steps you need to create a sustainable, scalable and profitable business

...would it be worth it to you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then grab The Sacred Funnel Vault™
now while it’s only $37.

"a non-spammy, new age approach"

Taylor has done a great job in condensing the main properties of creating an on brand sales funnel. I've gained such an insight on how to promote my future products using a non-spammy, new age approach and how to integrate it on any platform.

This was especially refreshing as I was looking for something to really set my future business sales funnel apart from existing funnels. A clear step-by-step approach to creating an aligned, branded, modern sales funnel
- Sharon K

To recap, here's everything you're getting

 Your Sales Funnel Roadmap (Valued at $197)
 Your Value Ladder Creation Planner (Valued at $97)
  Step-by-Step Sales Funnel Checklist (Valued at $97)
 50 Lead Magnet Ideas (Valued at $97)
 Kajabi Crash Course Masterclass (Valued at $197)
 The Funnel Tech Library (Valued at $97)
 5 Must Know Funnel Secrets Masterclass (Valued at $197)
 Canva Product Mockup Tutorial (Valued at $97)
 Sacred Funnel Tools List (Valued at $197)
Total Value $1273



What exactly is inside The Sacred Funnel Vault™?

Inside there are six main parts of the bundle and three bonuses. You'll get access to roadmaps, swipe files, eBooks, video tutorials, masterclasses, airtable spreadsheets, platform recommendations, tech trainings and more. Everything you need to get your funnel up and running. I'm all about letting the process be easy, so this no-mess bundle is the all-in-one solution you need.


What kind of business is The Sacred Funnel Vault™ meant for?

The Sacred Funnel Vault™ is perfect for course creators, coaches, influencers, consultants, ecommerce shop owners, podcasters, Youtubers, basically anyone looking to sell a product, service, offer or event online!


Do I have to use a particular platform for this to work for me?

Definitely not! The beauty of The Sacred Funnel Vault™ is that it is totally platform independent and will work no matter whether you like to use Clickfunnels, Kajabi, Kartra, Thrivecart or any of the other platforms that make setting up sales funnels online so easy!


How is this different to other courses on sales funnels that are similar?

The Sacred Funnel Vault™ is the all-in-one solution for understanding all things funnels, what goes in them, and how to get one set up in your business. All the steps are covered for you for a fraction of the price other courses charge. Not just that - but in this world sales funnels are SACRED. There's none of the spammy vibes that you find in a lot of other sales funnel courses. Here we blend spirituality and strategy - knowing that setting up a funnel is being of service to those that need the work we do in the world. With a combination of videos, spreadsheets, masterclasses, templates + roadmaps, everything you need is included, not just one element of the funnel process.


What if I get inside and realise this isn't for me?

No problems! I fully stand behind my 14-day money back guarantee - so if you find it's not for you, just email my team at hello@taylorrae.com.au letting us know, and we'll happily refund you in full.

I am incredibly committed to bringing high quality products to the world though, so please reach out if you need help and we will do our best to sort you out!


Is the content available immediately?

Yes! As soon as you’ve purchased The Sacred Funnel Vault™ you’ll get your login email with access to the bundle on Kajabi, the members-only portal where all the content will be waiting for you. You’ll have lifetime access to everything inside, so you can move at your own pace and revisit any of the resources whenever you need.


I'm worried I don't have the time to get through all the content, should I hold off?

First off, I'll say this - you're here in divine timing, and if you weren't meant to set up a funnel, you wouldn't be here. Secondly, if you want more time and freedom back - a sales funnel IS your answer. I know it can feel scary to commit to setting up a funnel, but I'm telling you now it's a lot easier than staying stuck butting your head against a wall wondering why your business won't grow. So the time is NOW. And besides, you've got lifetime access to the content - so you can go through it at a pace that suits you and fits in with everything else you've already got going on.


What if I don't have offers to go inside my funnel yet?

Lucky for you, you're about to enrol in The Sacred Funnel Vault™ and inside, there's the Value Ladder Creation Planner - the exact tool you need to plan out what to put in your funnel! And not just that, but all of the content is going to get you thinking strategically about what you could build so it fits in perfectly! A lot of people spend years building products that don't actually fit into their value ladder - this way you're ahead of the game and setting things up right from the start!


What if I love the content and want more support in scaling out my business with funnels?

This is actually how a lot of people feel once they get inside the Vault. #LETITBEEASY right? So don't worry gal - I've got you. There's a lot more where this came from. Just purchase and I'll show you... ;)

So you like to read all the way to the end, hey?

I get it, I know there’s a lot to consider when building your business.

But I’m telling you right now, that this is a step you cannot afford to miss.

It took me a long time to realise this in my business, and after a long time launching my face off, I made the shift and set up funnels.

And I’ve never looked back.

Which is why I want to shortcut the process for you.

To save you years, and to help you tap into what I know is really waiting for you once you do this.

Don’t let yourself keep going, knowing that a sales funnel is the piece that allows you to REALLY scale the impact and income you’re creating.

Grab the Ultimate Sales Funnel Solution

 Your Sales Funnel Roadmap (Valued at $197)
 Your Value Ladder Creation Planner (Valued at $97)
 50 Lead Magnet Ideas (Valued at $97)
 Kajabi Crash Course Masterclass (Valued at $197)
 Canva Product Mockup Tutorial (Valued at $97)
  Step-by-Step Sales Funnel Checklist (Valued at $97)
 The Funnel Tech Library (Valued at $97)
 5 Must Know Funnel Secrets Masterclass (Valued at $197)
 Sacred Funnel Tools List (Valued at $197)
Grab the Sacred Funnel Vault™ now before the price goes up.
I mean, I'm practically giving it away and I can't keep it this low forever...

Total Value : $1273

Today’s Price: $37

GOT A QUESTION? Email: hello@taylorrae.com.au
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