Set up your aligned + automated
Sacred Funnels in just 60 days!
It's time to scale your revenue, serve more, and work LESS!

Set up your aligned + automated
Sacred Funnels
in just 60 days!

It's time to scale your revenue, serve more, and work LESS!

"Is this real life?"

Imagine being on stay-cation, sitting in a luxe spa bath, a bath bomb swirling while you sip champagne... seeing notifications on your phone that tell you money is flowing into your bank account constantly, and that you're serving people on autopilot --- 

all because you have systems, sales funnels and automations working FOR you 24/7/365… 

That’s what happened to me. 

Me chilling in a hotel spa bath, feeling into all the abundant vibes...while my multi-six figure biz runs in the background

Burnout? Been there. Doing all the things, all the time and feeling like I had ZERO freedom? Been there, too. 

I started my first online business in 2017, and I’ve been helping others start and scale their businesses ever since. Today, my business calls in multiple-six figures a year on autopilot and I've helped my clients hit six-figures in a year and five figure months too.

Today, I know what it takes to set up a business that is actually sustainable and scalable online.. 

But this was me in 2017... after two years of running my first business.
I was burnt-out, broken and in $30K debt.

I had been struggling trying to get my business "going" for two years, and was working 70+ hour weeks, while making around than $38K per year.

I was struggling to cope, and barely making ends meet.

But I kept pushing, hoping that something would "click" and I would "make it".

What happened instead, is I ended up in hospital - my body giving way from exhaustion, and my mental and emotional spirit crushed.

A couple of months later, after a lot of tears and fear around what to do with my life, I started to hear about this thing called "online coaching".

I started to see these women running businesses online, serving people all over the world, working waaaay less hours than I had been, and making five, six, seven and even eight figures online.

I decided I wanted that too. So I started my own online coaching business in 2018.

10 months later, I had made $100K in sales through online coaching

Me at the airport, replying to clients and doing coaching online before our flight to New Zealand in 2018.
At first I was thrilled...I'd hit six figures in less than a year.

But it didn't take long to realise that I'd capped myself. 

I'd literally placed a ceiling on my earning potential by only doing 1:1 coaching, manually running everything in my biz, and only making money when I "launched" something on Instagram.

I felt trapped and like the freedom I'd craved was suddenly slipping away from me, yet again. I didn't even have the time to enjoy the money I was calling in.

So I decided to make a change.

I knew there had to be another way to do things...

...a way to get passive income flowing in consistently, in a way that meant I was running a business that was actually sustainable and scalable.

So I set up the systems, automations and sales funnels to make it happen.

Less than a year later, I had almost tripled my revenue and was working waaaay less…
Including doing a $60,000 sales month, no longer relying on launches or manually selling, and having fully automated my business to work FOR me instead of the other way around.

All while I scaled my revenue, served more people, and reduced the hours I was working in my biz. 

I started to teach what I had learned to my students and they started to see the results too.

Suddenly I was helping other female entrepreneurs scale to six figures in their business and make five figures a month with ease...

I started to get seen as an authority, being asked to guest speak on podcasts and panels, featured in other coaches masterminds as a sales funnel expert...

...then featured on Teachable, Kajabi and Yahoo Finance all in the same year!!

But... enough about me...
You've spent long enough struggling to call in sales, manually doing everything, and feeling like you have no time or freedom. You're ready to build a way for passive revenue to come into your business so you can really scale your impact and income. 
“On a scale of 1-10, Taylor is an absolute dime! I was able to set up my course creation process and launch for success, call in a mass amount of abundance into my life in exchange for my coaching services and build my signature program for creatives entering the coaching industry all in six weeks

-VP Wright, Founder of The Creatives Corner and The Inclusive Entrepreneur

If you want to change your life and business at the same time, seriously work with her. I had so many reasons why I couldn't invest in a coach at the time but my intuition was just telling me that I needed to work with her. It was one of the best investments I've ever made, the experience has been life-changing. 

- Krishna F, Founder of The Introvert Boss


"Taylor opened my eyes to living a life and building a business that honestly I didn’t even know was possible. I have so much more ease now than I did when I was running my business before."
Have you been “on the launch train” or “stuck in feast + famine”, doing all the things for little to no return... for far too long? 
I’ve been there. And guess what… 

Once I realised these TWO things, everything changed. Want to know what they are?

#1:  You DON'T need to spend hours creating content for 12 different platforms, trying to sell in the DMs, and fighting with the algorithm
You can create what I call a Triple A Business (Aligned And Automated) —where you set up a system that ATTRACTS leads into your business on autopilot, builds your M.I.A (Most Important Audience) and then sells them into your product suite, serving them constantly and making money an always thing in your business.
#2:  Whether you are making money or not comes down to one thing...Sacred Funnel Math. And once you learn the P.I.F* -- you realise it's truly possible to scale your income, on autopilot, without getting any new customers: 🤯🤯🤯

*P.I.F = Passive Income Formula (and it's about to change the way you do everyyyyything)
Once I learned the P.I.F I tripled my revenue and set up ways for thousands of dollars to flow into my business every single week... all on autopilot.

It's all based on the numbers, and once you learn how to do it, the action you need to take becomes EASY -- and your business does the selling for you...all BTS, automated, and running like clockwork...

...while you catch an afternoon yoga class, journal by the sunrise, or spend time having brunch with your besties.

Does it actually work? Uh yeah, of course it does..

Here's what happened to me after setting up my Sacred Funnels...
  • TRIPLED MY REVENUE IN LESS THAN A YEAR: Finally figured out the *secret* to a business that is scalable and growing continuously. Once I figured it out, it was like a key that unlocked everything. What once felt like such a struggle, suddenly became easy.
  • GOT TO ACTUALLY BUILD MY DREAM LIFE: Living in the heart of my favourite city in the world, paid off $30K debt in full, scaled my team to 7 people, and got the freedom to enjoy time doing things I love with those I love.
  • DREAM CLIENTS + STUDENTS ON AUTOPILOT: No more trying to sell in the DMs, or hoping referrals come my way. These days, new dream clients join my mailing list every day, and ascend through my programs on autopilot. I'm working with incredible women constantly, through my $37 offers all the way up to my $20K+ coaching programs.
  • FEATURED BY GLOBALLY RECOGNISED PLATFORMS: Once I started sharing my expertise, people noticed! It didn't take long before global companies Teachable and Kajabi noticed - and each featured me as an expert on their platforms.
  • FEATURED IN YAHOO FINANCE AS A TOP 10 COACH: In 2020, Yahoo Finance reached out and asked to feature me as one of the Top 10 Female Business Coaches You Need To Be Watching #MamaWeMadeIt.
  • MULTIPLE-SIX FIGURE BUSINESS WORKING FOR ME: With my business set up in an automated way, passive income is consistently flowing in, meaning I am able to project month-to-month, re-invest back into the business, and continue to scale my growth in a sustainable way.
  • HELPED OTHERS TO DO THE SAME: My "why"? Showing other female entrepreneurs how to do the same thing. Showing them the *real* way to build a business online (hint: it's more than just running an Instagram account) and helping them get their work out into the world so they can reach those that need them, and call in the six figures+ that they are worthy of!

and trust me, if we can do can you

A self paced program to help you set up profitable passive income funnels so you can scale to multiple-six figures -- without the overwhelm, stress, or sleazy vibes most funnels have.
  • Align your G.P.S (Glorious Product Suite) and Value Ladder and set up the Triple A Platforms (Aligned And Automated) so you can scale your impact and income
  • Set up an Attraction Funnel that brings leads into your M.I.A (Most Important Audience) on autopilot
  • Build your Application Funnel to completely automate the process for getting new high ticket clients (hello booked out calendar with soulmate clients!)
  • Scale your passive income with an Ascension Funnel where we will scale your revenue using the P.I.F (Passive Income Formula) so people are buying 2,3 or 4 products all at once!
Here's what you're getting:
  • Step-by-step videos trainings guiding you through every single part of the funnel building process
  • Funnel templates for both Clickfunnels + Kajabi just one-click insert my proven templates and you're off and away!
  • Email swipe files never think about what to write again, just customise my swipe files and you're sorted
  • Tutorials and scripts whether you are filming an upsell video, setting up an abandoned cart automation or calculating your funnel's conversion rates - there's a lesson for everything
  • BONUS: Funnel Coaching Call Recordings: get behind the scenes access to coaching call replays where I coach clients through the funnel building process and questions they have along the way! 
Nothing gets left out when you're inside SFA. I've got you covered from start to finish with the exact tools you need to attract and convert customers on autopilot.

With video trainings, templates and scripts -- you are getting everything from the funnel map, to copy that converts. to design assets, automation set up and integrations, as well as what to do with your funnel once it's up and running.

Want to see what it's like inside?

Here's a five minute clip from one of over 100 lessons waiting for you inside of SFA...
Here's what you'll learn:

Three funnels. 60 days. Limitless abundance.

8 modules for each Sacred Funnel:

Set up your Sacred Funnels above, by following my signature A.B.U.N.D.A.N.T Method™ below...

"I would recommend Tay to anyone at any phase in their business!"

Tay is an endless wealth of knowledge and always has something to say to help you go ONE notch deeper every time you need to. I would recommend Tay to anyone at any phase in their business because I know she is THE GAL to take you where you want to go.

- Shalyn D, The Coaches Coach

Get the following when you enroll today...
Sacred Course Creator Bundle
($997 value)
The step-by-step method that I use to create courses and digital products that have sold over $250K
No wondering if you’re expert enough
No stressing over what to teach
No confusion over how to put the lessons together
No doubt about getting your students and clients results

...I'll show you how to create a course that you can sell on autopilot
Sacred Sales Call Method 
($197 value)
The step-by-step process I use on sales calls to have a 85% close rate (in a way that feels good #nosleazyvibes allowed)

Sales Calls are sacred, and there’s a way to do them right. 
A good close rate is 50% - I want you to have a GREAT close rate. 
And I want you to do it in a way that leaves your customers and clients feeling SO excited and literally asking HOW they can pay you!

My step-by-step method shows you how to do it!
Five Figure Fast Track Bundle 
($297 value)
Imagine scaling to five figure months without any fancy tech, needing to spend countless hours, or worrying about a big social following….

Learn to step into your expertise, up level your abundance attraction method, decide the business model to get you there, and unlock client conversion magic - 
5 lessons, 4 hours, limitless potential.
When you enrol now, you'll also get acess to...
($497 value)
On demand access to my library of step-by-step video tutorials walking you through every single tech process you need inside of Clickfunnels and Kajabi.
Worried you're not tech-savvy enough to build your own funnels?

You don't have to be. All you need to be able to do is press play, and then copy the instructions I walk you through on the screen.

We're all about letting things be easy!
Ready to create your Sacred Funnels? Let's do this!

Hi! I'm Taylor Rae...

I'm the Creator of Sacred Funnels™ and the host of the Top 10 Entrepreneurship podcast: Sacred Work. Known for my unique blend of spirituality and strategy when it comes to business expansion, I serve female entrepreneurs, digital course creators and online coaches who desire to scale their income, set up systems in total alignment and serve the highest good of all.

As an online coach, digital course creator and 5-star podcaster, I've been able to help my clients globally to build six figure businesses, scale to five-figure months, become top-ranking podcast hosts, and develop signature offers that sell on autopilot with sales funnels, so they can quit their 9-5 and share their gifts with the world.

I'm wildly passionate about bridging the gap between the masculine and the feminine of business, and I'm here to help women everywhere realise that making more doesn’t mean working more, and that there’s a way to set up systems that serve you, as you serve the world.
Let's do this! Ready to create your Sacred Funnels?

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to get off the "launch train" and let go of the feast and famine cycles you're currently in
  • You desire freedom and are ready to get your time back so you can actually live your dream life
  • You are sick of just selling in the DMs and hoping for referrals from current clients just to make ends meet
  • ​You desire a business that is actually sustainable and scalable and not just guessing month-to-month
  • You want a roadmap to sales on autopilot and to have access to a proven method for building your passive income
  • You want support from a coach that knows what it takes to set up for multiple-six figures in your business
  • You want to set up systems and sales funnels that feel good, bringing that divine blend of spirituality and strategy that allows that abundance to flow
  • You love the idea of systems in your biz, but don't want that "bro-marketing" hustle vibe that you see everywhere
  • You believe in yourself and the work that you do, and you know it's time to get it out in the world - to step into the impact and income you know you're here for

Who is Sacred Funnels Academy for?

Those that are ready to set up systems that feel good, serve more people while working less and to scale to six figures and beyond.

Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Course Creators, Consultants, Service Providers, Authors, Speakers, Podcasters, SM Influencers

Will this be live or recorded?

All of the lessons are recorded and you get immediate acess upon enrolment.

You are able to take your time and go through the course at your pace, all inside of your own private online portal.

I'm busy and limited on time. Should I still join?

YES - definitely! Here's why: I know what it's like to have no time when you're running your business, doing all the things all the time. I was there, and I burnt-out because of it. That's WHY I set up funnels, to get time back while I scaled my revenue. So I get it.

And I know that unless you get these systems set up -- you're going to stay stuck feeling like you have no time. I'm here to STREAMLINE your business and get you making more while working less. So tell me again how you don't have time to prioritise this??

What makes Sacred Funnels Academy different?

I've got 7+ years experience working in business + online marketing so I know what works and what doesn't. This is not just another course teaching IG strategy that's *HOT RIGHT NOW*.

NOWHERE else in the world can you get a program teaching sales funnels that is both STRATEGIC + SPIRITUAL. Because you're reading this, I know you know the importance of aligning energetically with what you're calling in - and that's all covered in the way we set up funnels here.

There's NO bro-marketing, sleazy, scammy tactics here. Only sales funnels that are sacred. And there's nowhere else you can get that.

Is there a community or coaching?

This course is self-paced and the materials provide you all of the steps you need to follow. If you have questions about particular lessons, you are able to ask them inside of the Kajabi portal, and either myself or someone on my team will support you.

If you are looking for additional coaching support we can definitely discuss that! Just send an email to and we'll be able to let you know the different options we have available.

I'm a Service Provider - will this work for me?

Girl, definitely! One thing I hate seeing is women providing incredible services -- not knowing how to automate the sales process into their incredible offers! So whether you are a VA, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Social Media Manager or any other type of service provider -- funnels WILL work for you. Jump in now and let me show you exactly how to do it!

I only offer 1:1 coaching, can I do this?

If you're only offering 1:1 support to your clients, then this program is exactly where you need to be. I remember being there, and how trapped I felt. So I know the exact steps you need to take to shift, serve more people and scale your income (without working more hours!!). 

If you're stuck in the 1:1 right now, I get it!! Let's automate that application process, and then build out a way for other sales to be coming in passively at the same time!

What if I don't know what to put in my funnel?

If you're not sure how your products or services could fit into a funnel - don't worry! Everyone thinks that at first, but in Phase 1, I show you exactly how to align your Product Suite with a funnel, and what to keep, what to create and what to get rid of!

There's nothing like aligning your Value Ladder for an expansion in income, so if you're stuck - don't worry! You'll be sorted just as soon as you're inside!
Got a question that wasn't answered? Please email and we'd be happy to help! 
We normally reply within 24 hours Monday - Friday.
Ready to join me in Sacred Funnels Academy?

Here's everything you're getting:

  • Sacred Funnel Academy Program ($10,000 Value)
  • Sacred Course Creator Bundle ($997 value)
  • Sacred Sales Call Method ($197 Value)
  • ​Five Figure Fast Track Bundle ($297 value)
  • ​BONUS: Funnel Coaching Recordings ($497 value)
  • BONUS: Abundant Tech Library On-Demand Access ($497 value)
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